About Us

Our Mission

We create smarter sports environments through preventive design.

We want players to train smarter, play longer and perform better.


Today, science measures human injuries and performance like never before. We know contact sports carry a physical consequence and at Shadowman Sports we believe prevention is the best medicine. By designing environments that minimize player to player contact while maintaining realistic game simulation, our aim is to limit damage and improve player longevity. Shadowman is body to air as opposed to body to body.

Player Welfare

Our products help decrease risk in practice and increase quality reps to better prepare you for game day. We do this by building training systems that combine reactive agility training and the realistic, simulated environments coaches prefer. We believe preventive design builds better tackling fundamentals, so every second spent contact training leads to better reps, improved performance and more wins.

Our Team

Shadowman Sports is a growing team of 24 people, passionate about creating better, smarter sports environment. If you share the same passion for sports and innovation, and want to be be involved in the design and distribution of our new product lines, then get in touch!


Shadowman Sports started as a final year thesis in 2010, when our CEO, JP Hartigan was studying Product Design & Technology in the University of Limerick, Ireland. JP carried out research report on equipment for collision sports and spotted a problem, forces and injuries rates were on the up in collision sports, yet the on field equipment to practice contact was way behind the times, the problem was how to practice tackling without going player on player? JP and the Shadowman Sports Team have successfully brought Shadowman from a final year thesis to a growing international business. JP has played many sports but after injuries sustained on the rugby pitch, JP had to cut his sports career short at 22. JP is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that will lead to a better, smarter sports environments.

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