Shadowman is now being used across 1500+ teams across the globe.



"Our partners Shadowman Sports played a key role in the 2016 Tignes Rugby Academy, delivering an innovative new defensive experience, with new skills to learn, that our players really enjoyed. We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries together for 2017 and beyond."

Philippe Saint Andre

Co-Founder & Programme Director

PSA Academies, France

"At Glenstal, we believe that player welfare is the most fundamental value of our rugby programme. We are constantly looking to improve our practice and so we are delighted to partner with Shadowman as their product adds further value to our programme and we feel it allows us to better safeguard our players as they learn the fundamentals of the game."

Fr. William

Head Rugby Coach

Glenstal Abbey, Limerick, Ireland

"Shadowman is a unique and innovative defence and tackling system. As a coach, player welfare must always come first and with having Shadowman in our armoury we have been able to improve and develop our defensive systems without compromising the players. The defensive stats have gone up and tackling technique has improved- and no injuries in training! An invaluable piece of kit!"

James Wade

Head Rugby Coach


"Coaching for me is about creating an environment that will simulate a match situation. Shadowman provide us the opportunity to do defense training on a moving target therefore simulate match situations. Furthermore no injuries occurred while using Shadowman. The coaching staff at RUGBYCAMPS are delighted to partner with such an unique and effective product"

Johan Taylor


"Here at Blackrock Rock College we are always striving to be the best we can be. With the addition of Showman’s product we have enhanced our training programmes across all of our teams from Junior teams right through to Senior teams."

Evan O'Brien

Blackrock College