product overview


The Game of Rugby is evolving, don’t get left behind. Player welfare is at the forefront of the game, Shadowman will revolutionise the way your team practices by reducing the risk of player on player tackling. From grassroots to the professional game, repetition with lower risk of injury, increasing technique and confidence will lead to a better environment for player’s at all levels.


set up

Practice is all about maximising time with your players and Shadowman is no different.Shadowman can be set up and be ready for action in under 90 seconds. Shadowman's portability means you can bring Shadowman with you to every session, set up quickly, get through rep after rep, go again tomorrow.


design & manufacturing

The manufacture of Shadowman has taken 3 years of research, design and development, trials with several manufactures, and the production of over 100 different prototypes, the development of new sealing processes, culminating in the final product that our entire team is proud to stand over today. The material is a specially selected PVC, after rigorous testing, the material was chosen for it's high tear and tensile strength. The PVC has elastic properties that absorb energy on impact, making for better feedback during a tackle and a longer product life.